Can’t see your brand?

At XL we have worked hard to achieve and maintain the British Standard Institute Kite mark for over 6 years, full British standard BS10125 is only given to repairers who have the technical competence and the management systems and procedures to operate and perform to the highest standards

What does this mean for me?

Trust: Trust that your vehicle will be repaired to the correct method by trained technicians that will protect your vehicle during repair.

Safety: Over half of drivers worry about the safety of their vehicle, after it has been repaired. The BSI Kitemark scheme insists that the correct repair methods and quality control procedures are followed, not to mention the use and maintenance of suitable tools and equipment, and appropriate parts.

Quality: XL are inspected unannounced twice a year, by British Standard inspectors. During this process vehicles are checked rigorously in a variety of repair stages. To ensure the highest quality is maintained.

“Safely Delivering Quality”

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